Simile – 15 minutes of writing

We reviewed similes today and the guys wrote some.

JV’s chose to write about “life”:

  1. Life is like a cupcake, it’s good while it is there but you regret it when you’re done.
  2. Life is like a lazy cat, it sits there and sits there and gets older.
  3. Life is like a harp seal, it is cute and fluffy, but you have to go to the Arctic to find it.
  4. Life is like a construction job, it always needs more elbow grease.
  5. Life is like a bull, it easily goes wild.
  6. Likfe is like a cruise,  it get better the longer you stay, but its is only when you’re done that you realize how many bath room there were. (Bathrooms are pit stops along the road of life.)


  1. The grape tasted like a bowl of unripened lemons with above normal acid levels.
  2. The bull rode like a kayak ride in an ocean of giant waves.
  3. That bean was as hard as a rock.
  4. That monkey was as wild as a bunny rabbit.
  5. That tire was as flat as a mesa.
  6. That flytrap was as sticky as sap.



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