AR and BW going crazy over nuts

Montessori is about careful observation and our daily walks in the neighborhood with the dogs produced a detailed study of regional birds.  Now, the children discovered nuts and have gone crazy over them. The attention to detail that is being given to a nut. A nut!

BW discovering little hairs on the inside of the shell.

The nut in question pre-sawing.

BW has left the table without his shoes (discarded as he researched). Where did he go?

BW left to tell his mom what he has discovered.



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2 responses to “AR and BW going crazy over nuts

  1. Discovered your blog thru My Boys’ Teacher / What DID We Do All Day?
    She had given a shout out to you in our Yahoo group as her favorite blog, so I popped by…she is right…you have a great blog!
    Where did you get the little blue books?
    Am assuming this is work for lower elementary 6-9?
    We are moving from 3-6 into 6-9, but we do not have that many 6-9 Montessori materials. If you purchased these little books somewhere, would love to know where.
    Have a nice weekend and hope that you will pop by my blog to say hello:)

  2. EV

    Thank you for your kind comments. Congratulations on moving up to Elementary. Do ask me questions. I’d love to discover an answer with you.

    The botany series is a lower and upper work. The little blue books are part of a prize given to me by an AMI teacher. They are available to anyone with an AMI certificate number and come uncolored and uncut from Loyola. I want to say contact Kay Baker. But it has been a number of years since I was tasked to order them for a classroom. The set is extensive and covers the traditional understandings of what is a plant all the way to what is a seed. ( In the end the teacher had us order the three sets of Nienhuis ones the following year ( I did all that watercolor for nothing. The Nienhuis work is three part cards and they are not in book form. You could easily bind them. I’ve not found the work from Nienhuis to be loved by the children. This set is. I would conjecture that the tons of unbound pages of material is not working to the Elementary child’s strengths. They do work well for quizzing – for which they were not designed. In my experience, the elementary child is not enamored with three part cards like 3 to 6 children are. They do like quizzing – A LOT. It is that whole is greater than its parts thing in Elementary development.

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