Distinctio – 15 minutes of writing

Distincto is the rhetorical device designed to add meaning or clarify a word or phrase.

They all had the same nine words.  Here are AV’s

Colorful, and if I say that, it means the walls of an insane asylum.

Deep, like as deep as a black hole.

Work, like the thing that can involve blood,sweat and tears.

Standard, by that I mean a kind uniform blandness.

Smart, I mean S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology;) is a monitoring system for computer hard disk drives to detect and report on various indicators of reliability, in the hope of anticipating failures.

Crazy, and I mean in that he’s in that colorful insane asylum.

Bright, like Rudolph’s nose

right,or the opposite of left

Common, I mean the something very abundant.


BR’s words:

The painting wasn’t just colorful; it was vibrant.

That hole was deep and when I say deep I mean it go’s to the center of the earth.

Work and when I say work I mean that boring thing that grown ups go to every day.

That car was so standard that I wouldn’t take it for free.

That car was so bright I was destracted that I crossed the road trying to get closer and I got hit by a car  – splat.

Crazy and when I say crazy I mean I went to a concert and the singer was so crazy that they jumped out in to the crowed and no one caught him and he was still screaming that was awesome.

Smart and when I say smart I’m talking about that guy that always said e equals mc squared; why was always talking about the letter “E”.

Right and when I say right I mean the right way to jump off a building, the right way to find a job, the right way to say hello, the right way to bi.

Common and when I say common I mean that guy that walks by my door every day that guy is so common.

LR’s list:

  1. That van was colorful, and by colorful I mean if you stared at it to long your eyes would burn out.
  2. That abyss was so deep, when I say deep it is almost endless.
  3. I worked so hard, and when I say hard work I mean as hard as wrestling an alligator.
  4. That chair was so standard, and when I say standard I mean boring.
  5. That penny was so bright, and when I say bright I mean I could start I fire from the reflected rays from the sun.
  6. He was so crazy, and when I say crazy I mean he could bungie jump off the Eiffel Tower while drinking a Red Bull and texting his grandmother.
  7. He was very smart, and when I say smart I mean he knows what Pi is to the fiftieth place.
  8. He was right, I when I say right I mean he didn’t get it wrong.
  9. That brand is common, and when I say common there is lots of that brand.

DW’s list:

  1. Colorful, by colorful I mean like a tie dye shirt.
  2. Deep, by deep I mean so deep to take hours to reach the bottom.
  3. Work, by work I mean sitting at a desk in front of a computer.
  4. Standard, and by standard I mean plain.
  5. Bright and by bright I mean the Sun bright
  6. Crazy and by crazy I mean Mad hatter crazy.
  7. Smart and by smart I mean professor smart.
  8. Right and by right I mean a right turn.
  9. Common, and by common I mean the opposite of extinct.

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