Procatalepsis – 15 minutes of writing

Today we thought about good arguments. We’ve been focused on which layer of argument we are using in discussions. Montessori Muddle introduced us to the triangle. To help use this in our day to day life today we made it to procatalepsis.  Argument – counter-argument – rebuttal. One can tell the developmental level of the child in their argument.

Here are BR’s

  1. Don’t eat off my plate.
  2. Well, you got too much food.
  3. Well, you got just as much as I got.
  1. We should ban  gun stores.
  2. Well, what about house defense?
  3. Well, get a security system.
  1. They should ban Dora from TV.
  2. Well, what about the young kids?
  3. Well, we already have Elmo.

LR’s three arguments

  1. Violent video games will not result in violent teenagers.
  2. It depends on the child, if the kid thinks he is the game he or she should not play.
  3. If the child thought he was the game he would probably sit at the TV all day and not be able to hurt anybody.
  1. Legos should banned and burnt all over the world.
  2. Legos let a child’s and adult’s imagination grow, and we would all die from the pollution from the burnt legos.
  3. Pollution is myth.
  1. We should cut down all the trees in the world; all they do is provide oxygen.
  2. We need the oxygen to breath.
  3. No, we breath air.

JV’s three arguments

  1. Gas prices should be raised to reduce emissions.
  2. But, less travel with cars would result in people late for work.
  3. Who cares about work.
  1. Nuclear missiles should be banned because they endanger people’s health.
  2. But they are good argument settlers.
  3. Life is more important than arguments.
  4. Would you like me to drop one on you?
  5. No.
  1. Teddy bears should be banned because they’re a fire hazzard.
  2. But what about all the little boys and girls who are lonely at night.
  3. We will give them stuffed pandas.


  1. Dogs should not wear muzzles and shock collars because it could hurt them very badly.
  2. If you have them, wild dogs can be kept outside and dogs that bite can be walked without biting.
  3. You could lose your dog if it has a shock collar because it escapes. If your dog has a muzzle, the winter and summer walks are much longer because they try to get them off and doing so it makes the hot and the cold weather worse.
  1. We should ban LEGO bricks because it doesn’t look like the real world.
  2. But what about kids? It’s fun.
  3. But it’s a choking hazard for kids under 7. Does that sound safe to you?
  4. No, but it’s not just kids that like them. Adults like them as well.
  5. But pieces get lost, so its hard to build things.


  1. Dogs should live in homes.
  2. But they pee-pee in the houses.
  3. So they need a house because people love them.
  4. They love us.
  1. We shall love them.
  2. But it doesn’t mean anything.
  3. But it’s important.


Did the prisoners who escaped from Alcatraz survive?

Yes!  The Mythbusters have done experiments to see if ti is possible for the prisoners to be alive.  They could have survived.  They found one of the oars on land.  People think they have seen them.

No!  It is possible they could have drowned.  They could have because it has very harsh conditions, and lots of people have drowned in the bay.  The dead bodies might have washed into the ocean.  The police are still looking, but they have never found them.

They could have escaped because one of the robbers was very good at escaping jails.


  1. Some people believe that UFO’s visit the Earth every day.
  2. But without evidence of the there is no proof.
  3. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  1. Guns should be ban because the US has a higher murder rates than it would if we had no guns.
  2. It is not the gun; it’s the person that kills.
  3. But the gun enables them.
  4. The murder could just as well knife them. Should ban knives too?

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