Litotes – 15 minutes of writing

Litotes are a deep Southern tradition.  They are making a self-deprecating statement by using a negative of what you mean.

Our best ones today were:

Jumping over a lava pit that was surrounded by sharp pointy knives was not too dangerous. (LR)

Riding a bull is not too soothing to your behind. (LR)

I found building a castle in Minecraft was not a easy job. (BR)

Going to bed is not a relaxing task. (BR)

Getting squashed gat getting back up is no easy task. (BW)

Robot zombies are not the most interesting creatures. (BW)

Building a house in 24 hours is not very stressful. (DW)

Scrubbing the floor by hand is not a hateful task.  (DW)

Peachie is not wrong when she says school is fun. (AR)

Chasing Choobaca (the neighbor’s dog) is not an easy task. (AR)

I fell off a cliff; it was not too painful. (JV)

Paris is just not farther from Charleston than a stone’s throw. (JV)


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