Hyperbole – 15 minutes of writing

Today we discussed hyperbole and began the day by making hyperbolic statements.  Here are a few of the best.

Lady Gaga is so awesome I feel like I am in a magical land, surrounded by flying unicorns while listening to Bad Romance. (By LR)

My favorite team is the Boston Red Sox; they are so good that they can catch a home run ball flying at 20,000,00000 feet high. (By BR)

It is so cold outside that I had to put on 40,000 parkas just to go outside. (By AR)

Ben is so active it is like a rocket ship taking off. (by DW)

My friend runs so fast that if there were a running wall, he would bust through it leaving his outline. (by BW)

It is so hot that you could fry a cat on the side walk. (by AV)





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