Lines of Symmetry

AR has worked her way through the nomenclature of polygons and spent yesterday creating lines of symmetry in four sided objects.  Today she got to have some fun with it.  This extension was shown to me by one of my trainers: Karen Simon.

AR created a square from a sheet of paper and then folded it all along its diagonal lines of symmetry.  She then refolded it along its diagonal lines of symmetry to create an isosceles triangle. She wrote her name beginning ON the fold making one of the legs of the triangle taking care to touch the other fold making the other leg of the triangle.  We worked together to create an outline version of her name and trace it in sharpie.  She shaded it.  We folded the paper so we could see her now backwards name through the paper and traced it; we refolded and traced two more times – each on the line of symmetry.

Her paper now looked like:

We went in and began to add geometric shapes in one quarter of the project.  The tracing process would begin again after AR shaded the geometrical designs.

It is rather tedious work (especially with fine tipped Sharpies), so she completed half and set it aside until tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we worked on inscribing an equilateral triangle into a circle to create a symmetrical three dimensional object. She created a prototype out of an old Christmas card.  She was very careful with this prototype and made a lovely ball.

She was not nearly as careful with the large version and it came out very un-symmetrical.  Sigh.


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