Geometry – the beginning of proofs.

One of the beauties of Montessori geometry is the introduction to the proof creation process.  The children are lead through a hands-on example of the proof.  Today we looked at equilateral triangles in a 3:4 ratio.  The steps of logic have taken four days to build and review.  Today we began to force the issue forward recalling geometry from the definitions of diagonals to bisecting angles to flat out logic even when our eyes don’t want to believe.  The older uppers merrily went off to create their proof sheets while the first year uppers asked to visually work through it with me again.  Finally all the pieces fell into place and they too left the lesson to create the proof.

One of the most wonderful things about Montessori is that it allows for the child’s own processes to work things out.  It does not place my exactitude on any interpretation.  This does not mean that the child may interpret fact incorrectly, rather that their interpretation may be what makes best sense to their processing style.

BR - working out his geometry proof.

JV's interpretation of the proof.

DW's proof working out.


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