LR’s – Six Types of Volcanoes

There are six types of volcanoes. They make up all the volcanoes on Earth. The six types are Cinder Cone Volcano, Stratovolcano, Shield Volcano, Rhyolite caldera complexes, Monogenetic fields, and Flood Basalts.

Cinder Cone Volcanoes are cone shaped. They are the most common volcano in the world. These cone shaped mountains are formed from cinder. Cinder is cooled magma that is pebble sized, it is usually red or black. The mountains height is usually 100-400 meters. Krakatoa is a Cinder Cone Mountain.

Stratovolcanoes also known as composite volcanoes. They have a main magma vent and have sills to the sides. It is made of many layers “Stato”. These layers are made of hardened lava, tephra, pumice, and volcanic ash. These layers form its cone shape. The height of the volcanoes vary from 100-3500 meters. Mount Etna is a Stratovolcano.

Shield volcanoes are dome shaped. These volcanoes are formed by lava slowly oozing out. The slowly oozing lava is what makes it dome shaped. The dome resembles a shied and that is how it got its name. The Shield volcanoes are usually 9000 meters tall. Hawaii is a Shield Volcano.

Rhyolite Caldera Complexes usually do not look like volcanoes. They are the most explosive volcanoes on Earth. Their explosions are usually so strong that the volcano will collapse. When they collapse they create a large caldera. In these explosions ash is blasted over a thousand kilometers away from the caldera. Some examples are Yellowstone, La Primavera, Rabaul, and Taupo.

Monogenetic fields like the last volcano do not look like a volcano. These volcanoes are groups of hundreds of thousands of lava vents. This volcano is spread out very far. This happens because there is a very low amount of magma. The magma makes a new vents each time, because the other vent cool. Many of these volcanoes are in Mexico and the southwest US.

Flood Basalts are another odd type of a volcano. It is the result of a giant volcanic eruption or a series of eruptions. These eruptions have been the size of continents. They can be on the ocean flour or on land. They create plateaus and mountain ranges.

These six volcanoes are found all over the world. This is how they were formed and how they got their names. New volcanoes are formed everyday. All Volcanoes destroy and make land. These volcanoes fall into deeper categories, but these are the are the first three.




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