Advent – remembering others

During Advent, our family will be remembering that Jesus’ birth was first told to shepherd.  Shepherds weren’t the highest folks in the social order.  In fact they weren’t even in the middle of the social order.  The shepherds who had to work the night shift were the lowest shepherds among the shepherds.

To this end, the boys and I are collecting shirts, sweaters, coats, pants, hats, gloves, shoes and blankets for Doug Born.  Doug works among folks who sleep out under the stars most of the time.  (If you are local, he is worth a visit with to see our city in a different light.  And he loves and can communicate well with children.)

We are willing to make house calls to pick-up items. Doug has a pick-up and we have a station wagon.  We dare you to fill up of vehicles.  If you need motivation check out this website: 100 Item Challenge – #1 or watch an episode of Hoarders.

I will also pick-up donations at the 6am Flydog Fitness class or by arrangement. Comment and we’ll figure it out.

Join us and let’s take care of our own.


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One response to “Advent – remembering others

  1. Gwen Petty

    Hey! Love that you are doing this. I definitely have a few things that I can give to you. I am at the evening boot camp, but I can meet you somewhere to drop the stuff off.

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