The Holidays are coming and Montessori kids are cooking.

We are staying in town this Thanksgiving. I’ve been looking at recipes (without Turkey – due to allergies).  The boys have been over at Make online. They wanted me to buy them a cookbook.

Then my husband calls me to his computer, he is on BoingBoing and has the same cookbook up on his screen.  He tells me he is interested in this.

Then this morning, over at HomeEc 101, there the book is again.  I just want to add that we love HomeEc 101 at our house.  It is a sane, stalwart, honest site about housekeeping. As for the book, I get it.



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2 responses to “The Holidays are coming and Montessori kids are cooking.

  1. Oh! I simply MUST get that for my husband!!! 🙂 Thanks for the tip!
    Hey, how many children are you guiding right now, by the way? I see SO MUCH WORK going on, it’s thrilling!!! Kudos!

  2. EV

    I’m sure his mathematical mind will enjoy it.

    I’m working with two families along with AV and JV. BR’s family has begun to homeschool. They have a total of three – AR, age 6; BR, age 9; LR, age 12 – he did not begin Montessori until he was 10. The former art guide at my former school also decided to homeschool as well. They have two – BW, age 6; DW, age 9. So our total is 7 children.

    One of the moms runs the kitchen and prepares great meals with a rotating crew of kitchen help. The other mom works as an assistant primarily with the two lower el students. One doesn’t read fluidly and the other has extreme difficulty focusing and needs to be redirected occasionally. She also challenges the children to write creatively. I’m free to give lessons and observe.

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