LR’s creative writing project – Harvest

LR has worked through this creative writing assignment based on a painting by Paul Sierra of a field ready for a wheat harvest.

I wake up hearing the smooth whisper of the swaying wheat. I open my eyes; I am surrounded by bright gold. The wheat around me is swaying side to side and changing color in the twilight. I turn to my side to see what lay near me. It is a rabbit; his eyes stare at mine. It stands up, then it runs away. I look at the field around me, there is gold as far as the eye can see. The sky is a light blue, and I can still see the stars. I remember my father taught my how to see the people in the stars. The seven sisters is my favorite, it reminded me of my own family. I grew up in a family with seven other sisters. I was the only boy, and my father taught me all he knew about farming. Now the sun is just coming over the horizon.

I let out a long yawn and start to walk toward the shed. I hear the rooster crow; it wakes me up a little bit. The rats scurry away as I walk toward them. I know soon a nice corn snake will probably eat the those rats. I remember how much my father loved those corn snakes. He always welcomed them in our fields, even though mama hated them. I recall the time when a corn snake got in the house. That was the loudest scream mama ever did. Farther laughed louder than mama’s scream. After that Mama was mad. Now I can see the top of my rusty shed. I open the door; I see all of my rusty old tools and then grab my scythe. When I walk out of the shed, my dog, Sunshine, jumps on me. Her fur is as gold as the sun. I got her for my twelfth birthday . She knew it was time to harvest.

Sunshine walks with me to the wheat fields. She loves to go harvesting with me, she always chases the animals hiding in the wheat. I do my first swing and like my father used to say “Your first, last, and every swing in between should be your most powerful.” Then Sunshine starts chasing a bunny. If Sunshine catches that rabbit that is what we will have for dinner. I slice side to side. The smell of the fresh cut wheat is overwhelming. I think of the size difference between my small backyard field and my father’s 30 acre field. It takes me two days by myself to harvest my field, and it took three days with my whole family to harvest our old field.

Oh, I loved that old field. My sisters and I would have played all day but we had to work. One day the rain just stopped coming; the plants started to die. We didn’t make a lot of money, and then mama started to get sick. Soon mama had to leave and everybody was sad. I still wonder where mama went. After mama left father got mad. Then one day some men in fancy suits came to our house. They said we couldn’t live with father any more. So my sisters took care of me and my puppy, Sunshine. We then moved to the city. After I turned 18, I left my sisters and moved back to the country. I left to make my own farm. Now I am starting small and one day my farm will be as big as father’s.

I am almost done with cutting the wheat. Tomorrow I will pick it all up. Sunshine and I walk to our house as the sun goes down. We walk past the chicken pen. It looks like they laid some eggs. Now I walk into the house. The house is pretty small, but it feels very nice. It is the same color as our old house, a beautiful light blue. Since Sunshine didn’t catch a rabbit, we will have left over trout. If we don’t eat it now, it will go bad. After dinner, Sunshine and I walk to our room to go to bed. I can’t sleep in the field again. I would freeze to death. I love to sleep in the field when I can, it reminds me of the old farm. Sunshine lays down on her pillow, and I plop onto my bed after a long day of work.

I wake up. I was dreaming of when I was 12 years old. It was harvest time, and soon it would have been my birthday. I wanted to show my father that I was a man. Father was happy that day with the work I had done. That year I got Sunshine. I now sit up thinking that today I am going to collect all the wheat. I see Sunshine; she lets out a large yawn. It makes me yawn. I walk out the front door to the chicken pen to get some eggs. I hear the rooster crow. As I get near the pen the chickens start to cluck at me. I grab the chicken feed and pour it on the ground. I then grab the eggs while when the chickens are eating.

I walk back to the house and light the stove. I pull my pan off the shelf. This pan was my mama’s. She made wonderful food in it. I crack the eggs onto the pan. I am making sunny side up. They are my favorite. The eggs are soon cooked. I get a plate. Then cut off a piece for Sunshine. They taste delightful. I quickly finish them and then go outside.

The sky is a beautiful pink and there is a chilling breeze. I see all the wheat laying on the ground. Sunshine and I walk to the shed to get my wheel barrow. I roll it over to the field. I start to pick the wheat up, and then look around and see the once rabbit filled field is now a flat plain. I pick it up hand full by hand full until there is no more to pick.

Now the sun is setting. I am done. Father would be proud.


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