Vice Camp to Castra Romana Festival of Imperial Rome

This Saturday Somewhat in the Air folks are heading over to Gihvans Ferry for the Nineth Annual Imperial Army Encampment.  Yes, folks there it is.  We are heading back into the iron age to see how the Roman army functioned.

We are speaking about Roman culture at circle time this week and hopefully will have AV give us some basic Latin greetings and question words.

If you are interested in meeting up with us at Gihvans Ferry, we are planning on arriving around a quarter to ten (read 9:45).  The entrance fee is $2.00 for the park entrance and around $5 each person as a donation to the event.  Bring a blanket to lounge on as you eat your picnic lunch.  There will be little in the way of vendor food – however I have heard that you will want to bring money to try the Roman food that will be for sale.



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