AR’s Presentation Speeches

AR’s Video Script of Alfred Wegener

Guten Tag, My name is Alfred Wegener.  I was born in Berlin, a city in the German Empire, in 1880.  I studied to be an astronomer, meteorologist and a geologist.  My passion is meteorology, especially weather in the arctic circle.  I went on several expeditions to study arctic winds in Greenland.  I am best known for my theory on continental drift.  I have taught meteorology and astronomy at several colleges.  I also served in World War l.  After WWI, the German government granted my expedition 120,000 marcs which was a lot of money because my country was very poor after WWI.  This Greenland expedition was my last.



AR’s Written Report/Speeches

Wegener died on that last expedition.  He was coming back from delivering food and supplies to the ice camp and returning to the main camp.  He and his partner ran out of food for the sled dogs.  They started to kill the dogs for food and eventually they had only one sled, so Alfred had to travel by skis.  He never made it back.  His partner carefully buried him and marked his grave with his skis.  His partner also died but his grave was never found.

Although his passion was for arctic meteorology, he was best known for his theory of Continental Drift.  Wegener theorized that the continents were a super continent he called Pangea and have since drifted apart to form our now seven continents.  But most scientist of his time did not believe in the theory and actually made fun of it.  It wasn’t until the 1950’s with new evidence that his theory started to be accepted.


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