It’s Project Week!

For long time readers, you know to brace yourselves.  It is always a wild ride through project week. Hold on everybody.

Here is a list of projects.

For the lower and upper elementary children, the topic must have something to do with our geology studies.

For AV as an Erd Kinder, he is to work from his Chemistry text.

BW – Crystals and the Mohs Scale

BW has been studying different crystals and their hardness.  He is looking at the molecular alignment and fracture lines.  He is planning on making some three dimensional models of crystal structures.  His also growing sugar crystals and alum crystals.  He is enjoying the process of creating his display.

AR is discovering about Germany in WWI and pre WWII as she researches Alfred Wegener.  Wegener is the researcher who theorized the idea Pangea.

She is creating a video overview of the life of Wegener and a video with her dressed as Wegener. She will become Wegener presenting his ideas about Pangea.

She has used a very fine needle to pin push out the continents hidden in Pangea so she can show how they have moved around over time. She found a round tin that had a blue top.  She envisions others being able to show how the continents slid into place on the top.

DW is working on a project that discusses the progression of minerals used in paints.  She is researching cave paintings, Minoan, Sumerian, Hellenistic, Roman, Celtic, and Medieval paints.  She is looking at neolithic and copper/bronze age methods for applying paints.

She is planning on pulverizing several substances in a recreated “calcium-rich” water to approximate cave painting.  Apparently the basic level of the water in caves added something to the pigments.  (I guess we will find out.)

Her timeline is growing and her thesis rough draft is complete.

BR is researching the Brooks Mountain Range.  He is looking at the Biomes, minerals, make-up of the range, formation of the range and its morphology.  Unfortunately we have no photos yet of his work; he was ill today.

LR is studying Mount Etna.  He is researching the volcano and its eruptions.  He is attempting to understand the plate tectonics which produce this type of volcano.

He is still enjoying working with paper.  His timeline of Etna’s eruptions is a lovely historical event moment melded with the volcanic activity.

JV is looking at wind erosion in the US.  This is challenging him to not think his theories are always right and adjust to new information.

He is looking into the Great Dustbowl of 1934.  The direction of the winds and the storms that washed across the eastern seaboard are an historical interest.

He is also looking into the Navajo Sandstones.

He is hoping to speak with someone about the mathematics of wind erosion.

AV is working through his Chemistry text this year.  He is going to teach us through Chapter 1.

The topics he is covering are:  Aristotle’s theory of matter.

Lovisier’s process of understanding matter.  The steps to go through to decide whether an object is a compound and element.

He must also construct a bow method fire in the design used by the book.

While talking us through the fire starting he must discuss cellulose and the type of matter.

AV set-up right in the middle of the main traffic area of house today.  His voice protested the project.  His body wanted everyone to see.  Hmmm.


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