Rant of the Hour

So folks I need a moment – a large moment it seems.

Here is the story.

Here is the summary:  A teen places an explosive into a pen.  Said pen is placed in a cup of pens on the teacher’s desk.  Another teen takes said pen out of cup to use it.  It explodes giving the teen shrapnel wounds.  Police respond immediately.  The teen and his brother are arrested.  The home is searched.  Large amounts of the explosive are found.  It is removed.  Mother is sought for culpability. Bond hearing was set.

The school’s response, you say?

Did I hear you ask that?

I thought you did?


“We are discussing banning pens,”  said school principal.


Has American society reached the need for superficial safety and a sense of outward perfection that logical decisions don’t apply.  Banning Pens.  Seriously!

OK,  I’m replacing all the pencils in the room today with pens. Ha. That will show the world.


Wiping spittle from mouth.  Smoothing hair.

All better now.




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One response to “Rant of the Hour

  1. Is this a real story??? Sounds like something from The Onion.

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