AR’s project is in motion.

AR's painting of her demonstration layers of the lithosphere.

We’ve returned to a deep study of a subject for the remainder of the semester.  This does not mean that we don’t get all of our other “school” subjects worked into the day.  Science, history, and geography are tied into the process of research. Writing and grammar are tied into the process of writing their personal interests projects. Art, music, drama often accompany the child in their presentations. Well, what can we say about math.  It just has to get done.

We attempt to cover a topic in geology each week. Lyrical Learning is our source for jumping off.  The Montessori Lessons are utilized to reach the imagination of the child and are the primary guide for discussion and instruction.

Despite AR's limited reading abilities, she is mining the resources for information.

AR has chosen to run with the big dogs and do a project each week on the theme of geology. Since she is only a second year lower el, I would not have expected her to do such a demanding work on top of the other lessons she is receiving.

However, she has put this upon herself and is meeting her challenge.  Her projects tend to be overviews of what we study on Monday and Tuesday.

She is looking at the pressure directions of fault lines.  This has led to geometry lessons on rectangular prisms and how to create them.  Her attention to detail is wonderful.  She makes tabs well.  (I do get excited over the darndest things.)  Part of her project is to demonstrate how slip faults work (ie: St. Andreas Fault).  She has spent quite a bit of time carefully constructing two prisms and painting them (never letting the paint go up into the brush too far – yes!).

Her writing is all about these faults and what the inner workings of the Earth is like along these fault lines.

AR's near completed layers.


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