BR’s Creative writing project

BR wanted to write a short story paper as a first person.

Shoeless Joe Jackson the Remake

My name is Shoeless Joe Jackson.  I’m from Greenville, South Carolina. I was born July 16, 1887.  I am a professional baseball player. I have been on three teams. I got hired to play for the Philadelphia athletics August 25,1908. Then I was on the Cleveland Indians. I was accused of setting the world series on the Chicago White Sox. I promise I didn’t do it.  I know it. I missed one catch. I tried my best. I didn’t mean to. We won any way. Then, after the game, there where some police men who came up to me and told me that I am banned from baseball. They accused me of purposefully missing the ball. I purposefully struck out. I told them that I hit the ball. If I tried to set the World Series, I would have never hit the ball. We won, so if I  did try, I didn’t succeed. They told me that I could have payed the other team to loose.

My last time I ever played baseball was September 27,1920.  I left baseball and I never came back.

My life’s dream is broken. I have spent my whole life getting here; now look what’s happening. My career is gone. Why would they do this to me? I feel like I am in the minor leagues and they are the umpires of my life.

Ever since that day everybody’s been treating me like I just robbed a bank. After all that, I decided to go back to Greenville. I opened a barbecue restaurant and a dry cleaners. People were throwing bricks at the window and taking my money just ‘cause I owned it. They were making fun of me. I tried to tell them I didn’t do it, but still, no one would believe me.

***** Shoeless Joe Jackson died December 5, 1951, from a severe heart attack at the age of 64.


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