Modifying Work??

Montessorians are so bound to the work, the observations, the extrapolations of Dr. Montessori.  It is difficult for the Montessori community to alter her lessons – even if contradicted by the preponderance of geological data.

We’ve been struggling with BW’s lack of precision when working.  His mental faculties are sharp.  His ability to preform the simplest Stamp Game work however is hurt.  This afternoon we tried a modification to Dr. Montessori’s lesson.  I cringe to say for the moment it has worked.  BW never became focused on pattern in Casa and his Elementary internalization of pattern can not take place until his mind can focus more fully.  We’ve created a crutch.

Ms. JW created this pattern for BW to follow. Nine stamp sized squares for each addend and one extra square in the tens and hundreds for carrying. It has helped with organizing.

Are crutches ok?

How does one follow the child when their world is made up of distractions both internally and externally?

Any thoughts anybody?


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One response to “Modifying Work??

  1. I know I’m weeks late in reading and commenting on your blog, but I just wanted to point out that the beauty of the Montessori materials is that they lend themselves SO WELL to adaptations for children who have special needs. Any Montessorian who refuses to make modifications if a child truly needs them is not a true Montessorian. Modifications can be a lifesaver for a child who – for whatever reason – cannot make a leap of abstraction or who struggles with a particular requirement (be it order, real-world application, etc.).

    How does one follow the child? By putting aside all pre-conceptions of what a child should be capable of doing, focusing on what the child IS capable of doing, and then meeting him there.

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