JV’s Mini-Epic

M.C. Escher - Ascending and Descending

This week we began looking at languages in particular, not just how people produce sounds.  Part of that was to look at the Tower of Babel and its style in literature.  We discussed epic poetry as a genre. The Iliad, The Ramayana, Faerie Queen, La Cason de Roland,and the Aeneid.

We looked at the characteristics of an Epic:

  1. repetition of simile (dignified simile
  2. speaches
  3. elevated language including an invocation
  4. Patronymics  (“_______, the son of ________”)
  5. Lists of participants
  6. In-medias-res opening
  7. Feelings and natural events are deified or made into characters
  8. An ancient story
  9. National Bias or Focus
  10. Struggle
  11. Moral topic is discussed at the beginning
  12. Larger than life heroes and/or villains
  13. Supernatural Elements

The children needed to use some of these elements to create their own mini-epic – just a few lines.  Meter and rhyme are still giving fits.


Babylon has done something terribly wrong.
No amount of Dong* could pay for what Babylon has done wrong.
They tried to build a tower so they could have more power.
God did not like those deeds and made their language go sour.
Nobody will forget the day
when God made the inhabitants of Babylon go away.

*Dong is the currency of VietNam


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