BW and the College Professor

BW took his first going out trip to interview a resource person:  Dr Cassandra Coombs Runyon, Professor of Geology, College of Charleston on Friday.

He had several geological questions regarding his project on the Himalayan Mountain Range. He wanted to better understand how the geological tectonic plates crash together to form these mountains; how the pendis and depressions form on the backside of the range; how erosion works to on such a large scale; and how cold effects erosion.

We then began to speak about her passion for the planet Mars.  We discussed the Mars rover; the density of the atmosphere on Mars and what it means for temperature; the gigantic meteor impact on one side of Mars which is theorized to have created gigantic volcanoes on the opposite side.  COOL!

BW was on top of the world.  He interacted with an adult as an inquisitive equal, carefully presenting his findings, asking his questions, respectfully listening, asking an occasional follow-up questions, and was grateful and thankful at the end.

Dr. Runyon was a wonderful first visit for BW.  She adapted to his intensity and was patient as he set his topographical map up.  She neither patronized him nor spoke down to him.

It was wonderful.


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