It’s 11:00; do you know where your children are?

In our case, last night we were all standing on a beach on Kiawah Island.

Our desire for astronomy being never satiated, we arrived around 9:30 at Freshfields and caravanned over to the beach.  The beach is far from the lights of homes. (Most of which are unoccupied this season of the year.)  We stood on the boardwalk while the children swarmed the beach like scurrying crabs disappearing into the fringes of the moonlight.

Mr. DV (EV’s husband) set up the telescope and programed it to scan the sky.  Due to the full moon status on the equinox, there was too much light to scope in by prominent stars so the bright Moon was our point of reference.

First we spent time with the Moon and her craters then focused on Jupiter.  We could see the faint rings, its colors, and three bright moons and several faint moons.


LR was the photographer for the evening and the low light was difficult.

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