Bohr’s Model of Electrons

JV and Ms. JW have worked diligently to create our model of the electron shells of the atom.  Here we go.



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2 responses to “Bohr’s Model of Electrons

  1. Erin

    Could you please tell me how you made this and what materials you used?? Thanks so much,

  2. EV

    Thanks for asking. This is plexiglass from a local building shop. It comes with protective tape. We drew on the tape with a Sharpie. Look carefully at the illustrations you find online or in a Chemistry book. Place “x’s” on the circles you have drawn. Be sure to place them in a balanced manner. Using a drill drill through the plexiglass. DO NOT TAKE THE PROTECTIVE TAPE OFF BEFORE YOU DRILL. THE PLEXIGLASS WILL CRACK IF YOU DON’T. I think it was a .25 inch drill bit. We then pealed off the protective tapes. We then used glass paint to paint the circles. We used assorted marbles as the electron shells. The varying colors for different levels.

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