AR’s math movement

I know one of the great elementary debates is about using math sheets in a Montessori environment.  I was against it for years.  My logic was that the children used their mathematical operations when they are doing their daily number work. Over the years I’ve changed. I’ve found that elementary children often are frustrated by not being able to quickly recall an operation. After a group of children discussed that they would like to have some kind of way to work on that skill, I dug out operations sheets. We use it for a very quick moment of centering at the beginning of the day.  The kids understand that these are quick and done.  Moving on.

AR decided she wanted to do a weeks worth of operations work in one day.  She copied five addition sheets and spent the afternoon working out the sheets.  Her brain was tired by the end, but she felt so proud of her tenacity.


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  1. knightofmathematics

    I went through similar ordeals as a child and I can remember being told to write x + a = b -> x = b – a twenty or thirty times so as to commit it to memory…

    Would it not be more beneficial if you had such sheets hanging on walls and prompted the children to regularly refer to them?

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