Lighting a Candle – It’s Montessori

Long ago in the annals of 3 to 6 year olds it was important to know how to strike a match.  Dr. Montessori found value in children understanding the power of fire.  Many classrooms before the advent of DSS inspections included lighting candles in with the work of practical life.

We placed a candle on our prayer table and discovered that the children did not understand how to light a match, ignite a wick, dispose of a spent match, or blow out a candle.  Hmmmm.

The adults got together and reconstructed the work from so long ago.  Candle, Matches, Striker, Water to be sure the match is out, Container for spent matches placed on a large tray on a lone table in the center of the room so the work may be observed by adults. A lesson was given – how to strike a match – angle of match, face of match, discussion of friction, tilt of the lit match, placement against wick, blowing out the match, ensuring the match is out, disposal of the spent match, blowing out the candle. Here we go. Back to the dark ages.

Look at the deep concentration - complete focus on the work.


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