JV’s God With No Hands Charts

JV has been working on his interpretation of the God With No Hands charts. He has gone for a very simple, modern look.  It is all very unlike JV’s normal highly detailed work.

Anywho. . .

Chart one has the tiniest little dot of blue to represent the Earth in relationship with the sun.  (As a side note, today we figured how many 12 inch diameter Earths would fit in our house – 3,800ish.)

Chart two (which is really chart three) shows the hot and boiling Earth as it is flung into space.  The coldness of space is reaching to cool it down.

Chart three (which is chart four) shows the heat at the core of the Earth trying to escape through vents in the Earth’s surface.

Chart four (yes, you guessed it – chart five) shows the water covering the Earth’s low points.


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