AR’s globe

First we paint the land.

AR has been working with Time Zones a bit.  She was having trouble visualizing the sphere of the world and the flat of the zones and the sun and its light shining upon the spinning sphere.  She asked to create a globe with time zones on it.

Last week we paper mache’d a balloon and left it to dry.  Monday JW decided that it was indeed ready to be spray painted with primer.  The afternoon work included drawing the continents in position on paper and then taking the paper and making a cylinder out of it.

As soon as morning work was complete, AR began sketching the continents in yellow sharpie.  She then began painting with colors.

AV wandered by as AR struggled to completely cover the oceans in blue.  It is such a plus of a multi-aged class that AV, seeing the need, offered to help and held the globe as AR carefully painted the oceans.

It is drying tonight and tomorrow we will put the time zone lines on it tomorrow.


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