Work is a choice

We do have expectations of the children.  It is not a free for all. But the right that the children have to choose allows them to learn how to handle deadlines.  “By the end of the week, I expect you all to complete . . . ” “LR, please define the scope of this project.  Provide me with materials needed, time frame of the project and two sentences about your goals.”

So what does freedom of choice bring:

AR and BW working out the factors that make up 30. 1 x 30, 2 x 15, 3 x 10, four doesn't work and so on.

AV sewing his sun in relationship to the earth (Chart 1 of the God With No Hands Lesson). The most perfect stitches ever!

BR working out a map of Egypt and the north of the Sudan. He later inked it and then watercolored it.

BW studying the properties of water to pull things together. Why is water like this? Hmmm. It is a work card.

BW laying out the stellar nucleosynthesis work - how stars make elements. Yes, he is just 6. Yes, he can explain it.

BW and DR playing a game about the Elements. Working on knowing all the major elements.

Another game - working with compounds and how they are formed.

AR writing and writing a song about baking momma a birthday cake out of H2O and NaCl!

JV writing a paragraph on the phonemic language as part of understanding the history of the English Language

AR, LR, and AV working on geometric interactions - "My brain is full - I need some down time."

BR laying out the decanomial in paper - getting ready for a2+b2+c2.....


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