JV’s creative writing.

JV’s first creative writing project was a diary.  He worked on writing dialect.  With his spelling and dialect additions, this paper was difficult to read for JW.  The creative writing work comes from art.  I could  not locate a graphic of the Gregg Spears, 43rd street, 1987.  His assignment was:  You have recently moved from a quiet, small town to a lively neighborhood in a big city.  You are adjusting to the fast pace, noise, and amazing assortment of activities and events around you. Draft a journal entry telling them about the new, exciting, and difficult adjustments you are making.

My name is Johithen.  I lived in Keams, a small town in Arizona with my siblings.  We jus moved to New Orleans so mom culd git a job. When we got there mom started to look.  She finley found one; it was at a factroy sowing legs on to blue jeans. With what litel muney we had, we look for a street vinder to hopefulue find sum food.

As we walked down streets we wall lotes of people playing old beat up trumpits and saxafons and asking people “Do you have aney spar change?” Unfochuntley we did not.  We made it to 43rd Street and it was bult right up to the water.  I hand not ben thes clos to the river befor. It was very busy and loud. Ther were lots of boats unloading and reloading.  There were also lots of street vinders selling news papers and food.  The buildings were brik not wood like back home. There were people, lots of people and gas lights. We bout frum the chepest vider we culd find and we sat down to eat.

We slep in an old aband bilding last night. When we woke up, we looked fo an apartmint to stay in.  We found a afotbel one close to the river.  It was on the third level. We lived in room 123! I think that is funny that we lived in room 123.  It was nice to be in a place where the roof id not leek, but you culd hear people up stars. I think people up stars is beter than a leeky roof.

Mom went out to git sum food for brackfeas.  She came back whith beignets and coffey.  I had no ida what bignets wher but thay were good. the coffey was strong but, it was the first time I had druck sens the trane ride.  Mom whent off to work and I dsided to explor.  My sister agred to stay with my two brothers at the apartmint as long as I stayed tmarow.

As I whent back to 43rd Street, I saw a read and wite boat whith a big patel on the back that spun.  It had two tall chimleys coming out of the top.  It cind of looked like a tran on the water.  There were lots of people waving frum the boat so I waved back.  I ran to the apartmint and gout my siblings and raced back to 43rd street just in time to see it leve the dock.  When mom got home we tuld her about the strange boat.


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