DW’s Creative Writing Project

This is DW’s first creative writing assignment ever.  She stole moments over the last two weeks to create a chef type who in my mind is called “Martha Emerald Childs.”  Come on in for your lesson.

Here is the assignment:  You are an experienced chef in a bed and breakfast that serves delicious meals made from fresh foods.  In your spare time, you teach a cooking class to hobbyists and aspiring chefs.  you decide to open the course with a recipe for a very simple meal.

A close up of Grace in Charleston, by Vanessa Bell

Class, today we are going to learn how to make seafood salad for an easy and simple to make meal for one.  For seafood salad you will need shrimp, crab, tomatoes, cucumbers, wine, vinegar and lettuce.

You just have to have the freshest ingredients. To get fresh seafood, go to your local seafood market.

When I was in Italy in a small sea side town, I had the fresh shrimp plate. They must have the best seafood. They catch it and then cook it and, oh mmmmm, that was delicious. I remember it like it was yesterday.

For fresh vegetables go to your local farmers market. I was in a small town in the Alps. The mountains had such rich soil. It was full of nutrients. The  vegetables were so big and juicy. I brought home some soil so it would help my backyard garden grow. When you select your vegetables make sure you did not select ones with brown spots because that means they are not good.

Wash the shrimp and crab don’t scrub it that will squeeze out all the taste.

Pat dry with a paper towel. Don’t pat too hard; many gentle pats are better than one big hard pat.

Cook the shrimp till it is the lightest pink. Cook the crab till it is tender. You may need to taste the crab to know when it is time to take it off the stove.

Wash the vegetables with a scrub brush and soap. Dry them with a towel. Cut all the vegetables, other than the lettuce, on a cutting board. Pull apart lettuce and toss it in a salad bowl.

Add the shrimp, crab and vegetables in the bowl.

Iris, before class you looked at the recipe and you were wondering if you put the crab on top of the salad, or cut it up. I said that I would tell you at class. The answer, you cut off the head and legs and cut it into cubes.

For a salad dressing in a small bowl mix together wine and vinegar and pour in swirls around the bowl. If you dump it on the salad the taste will be most strong there. Mix it around with salad tongs. With the salad tongs, take a scoop of salad and transfer into a bowl and serve.

Serve while listening to classical music.

You should have candlelight to eat to, and enjoy!


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