Long Black Cloth Montessori Lesson

It is really long. I hope our neighbor didn't mind.

One of the follow-up lessons to God With No Hands is based around the appearance of age in the universe.  It is based upon astronomer’s observation of the light traveling through the immense distance of space.

It gives such a wonderful impression of how long it takes light to reach us.  However, as with many ideas given in the world of creation of the universe scientists often present themselves to understand more than the math and facts perhaps present.  Theory is truly theory at this point, and we have discussed several.

JV was the designated measurer.  He would measure off the 66 inches that marked 1 billion years.  AR and BR would run and pluck a flag from DR to mark the spot.  They did this 13 times.  Wow! It takes light from a star on the edge of the universe a really long time to travel through space.

We walked up and down several time looking at the time flags and wondering if our favorite stars' light would take x amount of time.

AR musing how long it takes. (We discussed scientific notation today, too.)


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