The children collectively staged a revolution this past week.


All the plans of mice and men. Darn those Montessori Great Lessons.  The children have become obsessed with astronomy, geology, and physics with a bit of chemistry.

A portion of stellar neucleosynthesis lesson discussing how stars make elements.

I’ve decided to scrap the history of civilization direction and just work through the Montessori lessons with additional studies for the Upper Elementary children in Elements and Organic Chemistry.

The Erd Kinder will add MIT’s 101 Physics lectures. It has a focus on astronomical physics.

The children will continue with the History of Language.  Geography and History will continue in context of Language and science.

I’ve been working out the next few lessons which branch off of the God With No Hands Lesson.

Following the child is such a joy.  It is unexpected, wild, and deeply enriching.


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