AR and BW go to Project World

AR and BW have been working their way through the various reinforcement lessons for God With No Hands.  AR is showing a deep interest in mountains, earthquakes, volcanos, and fault lines.  BW needs to work with his hands to strengthen his muscles for writing.  So, today we brought out the parts of the mountain from plasticine.  They squeezed and pinched and worked the clay to make it soft enough to build a mountain.  They worked at it for quite a bit.  There was much discussion as to the shape of a mountain.  It couldn’t be smooth. It must be bumpy.  And it had to have boulders at the bottom.

AR and BW frame the skeleton's poster so well that it almost looks real.

BW moved from creating the mountain to questions about weight affecting the distance one of the C of C Physics Department planes.  We created a  hypothesis and then produced a benchmark by launching the planes unweighted three times. (Because it can’t be an experiment if you don’t repeat it at least three times.)

BW measuring his flight distance.

Somewhere around the second flight with the first weight disaster hit.  AV came to the rescue.

AV piecing together a mangled wing. BW watching everything.

The blessings of a multi-age room.


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