Montessori Time Zones Work

BW is reviewing continents. To help this process and to solidify reading the face of an analog clock, BW received a very complicated lesson – the lesson of Time Zones.

This lesson is presented with a discussion of the various continents and how the earth rotates around so part of the sphere faces the sun at any given time.  The sun’s light advances across the earth in a logical paced manner.

The clocks are laid out with the hour hand facing up and the day and night strips are placed beside the map. Beginning with the Eastern Time Zone, we began with the setting of the sun. (He picked day or night.) Our “sun” sets at 6:00 PM.  We located the 6:00 clock face and placed it at the top of our map and our black ribbon down across the time zone.  We continued by speaking about what he would be doing then.

We continued to advance across the Atlantic ocean and across Asia. BW worked hard to find the times and the zones.

A Montessori Educator note:  I deviated from the traditional style by cutting the clocks into circles to make the child focus on that hour hand.  My training class discovered that the one inch wide ribbons work very well because the continents can still be seen through the sheer fabric. We used pieces of duck tape (black and white) to keep the ends from fraying.  The storage is a dream compared to the traditional stripes of poster board.



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3 responses to “Montessori Time Zones Work

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  2. I was wondering if you could tell me where you found the large map. I obviously can diy the ribbon and clocks, but the map will be trickier.

    • EV

      I’m sorry to say: The map was received as part of my training. I didn’t create it. I think if I were going to create the work and had the ability, I would love to create it so it could be a cylinder – maybe around a large carpet roll core or a big piece of pvc pipe painted with magnetic paint. Then you could have a magnet on the back of each clock and at the top of the ribbon strips. The idea of the dynamic nature of time may be easier to see as the child moves around the work.

      FYI:Because of lamination and storage this map likes to roll up on the edges and makes the tiny pieces slide around.

      Let me know if you would like the dimensions. It was a freak accident that the measurements for the zones were exactly proportional to the width of the ribbons. Traditionally this work is strips of tag board. LOVE the ability to see through and store ribbons so much more.

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