Looking for individual paths

We’ve been puttering along. We adults are along to guide and point and prod and push. We watch and observe which work is calling to the children and which work is being used to avoid harder work.

AR has continued to put her skeleton together.  She spent time with Ms. Julie working out the names of the primary bones in it.   AR has been attaching 20 gage wire that she has cut and hooked so she can hook all the pieces together.  She adhered the wire to the plaster with duct tape (that shiny silver stuff).  We’ve had an oweeee that AR has set with some more tape and wire.

AR has been busy.  She is rolling through her work.  Letter work is knocked out.  Then number work – out and done.  AR is all over the work.

Her brother, BR, and DW were about to have a lesson on common multiples.  AR wandered in and began laying out the bead bars.  Factor times Factor equals Multiple.

We laid out the 3’s multiples and 4’s multiples.  We then created a Venn diagram and place all the 3’s multiples in “A” and all the 4’s into “B” – the multiples that are the same in both were placed in the Venn overlap. The older guys were all over this game.  AR was all about figuring out the squares and cubes of the factors

DW has also been impressing with her lovely writing.  Check out her thoughts about the history of telescopes.

She is working on researching topics, finding facts, sorting and ordering them by importance, and then typing them into a coherent paragraph.

BW has begun settling down and has been working in Geometry with types of lines (straight and curved) and parts of the line (line segment – end points, ray – origin, line).  We’ve also been working on gluing and stapling, so our books may be more beautiful.

BW has also been learning about the solar system by laying out the game of the Solar System which includes the beautiful planets created by Ms. Julie..

The upper elementary kids have begun creative writing.  JV chose to put his effort into a story about moving to a big city.

But JV, in the interest of authenticity, spent 45 minutes studying how his character would have gotten from a small town in the West to New Orleans in the 1920’s or 30’s.  Mind you, he is writing about what it is like to live in the big city after coming from a small town.

Ahhhh. JV.

JV did have a bit of fun with some felt.


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