The work of the child

Friday was a bit of a quick finish day.  The three hour work cycle was broken into three pieces.

DW is shading her map of the world with the countries who use English.

The work expectation in language was to complete the seven Excavating English work cards with their appropriate activities.  All the older children had been lax and didn’t plan.  They all had several to complete.

The younger set began work and the Snake Game is BW’s favorite.  The snake game consists of laying out bead bars in a long “snake” pattern.  (ie: 4+6+5+5+9+1+2+8+3+7+5+5)  The child then looks for ways to make 10.  He pulls out the two bead bars that make 10 and lays them aside.  He then places a golden 10 bead bar in the opening.  He repeats this until all the snake has been transformed.  The child then checks his work by lining up all the 10 bars and placing the bead pairs with them.  This will become more complicated.  BW is enjoying the process of 7 and 3 make 10 and 3 and 7 make ten.   Five and five make him giggle since the reverse is the same.  Ahhh young number love.

AR - sanding down her plaster femur with a Dremel tool.

AR brought in a project she has been working on at home – a plaster mold of a skeleton.  She wants to put it all together now.  However, to be her very best work she needed to sand off the overflow plaster.

JV brought his Dremel tool down for AR to use.  She figured out the best possible method for her body size and strength.

Our second lesson was the retelling of God With No Hands designed for the upper elementary age.  It is not a classical Montessori lesson but was created by Harvey Hallenberg. He called his lesson “Time Zero” I’ve modified it a bit.  I had planned to provide the God With No Hands Lesson only but the children have continued to show interest in the creation narratives as well as the formation of the Solar System.  So, the plans of mice and men went out the window and now we will continue working our way through the formation of the world.

Ms. Julie prepared a lesson on the Solar System.  It deserves its own post.


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