And away we go.

Ms. Julie prepared a remarkable presentation on the relative distance between objects in the solar system.  Being a 1:1,000,000 scale, we needed a large space in which to observe the outcome.  We departed to Waterfront Park in the Old Navy Yard.

Ms. Julie laid out the scale model of the solar system.  The sun was an orange ball that is eight inches in diameter.  Jupiter is a shallot. (All the planets are painted in miniature.  Gorgeous!)  She modeled her lesson off of a wonderful lesson called the Earth as a Pepper Corn.  Away we went.  But we didn’t go very far at first (and the disappointment was there).

It was windy on the waterfront, so we tucked things into the bushes.

And stuck them in the anchors.

We made it to Mars. Not too far from the sun. We could still see the tree under which the sun was tucked.

And then we really began to walk.  We walked, and we walked, and then arrived at Jupiter.

More walking!

Finally! A place to sit down.

We ended our walking a few steps from a big kid playground.  Hurray.

Julie’s presentation was wonderful.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it!


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