Projects are rising to the top

We are moving forward in the process of the creating a community.  Lessons, food, projects, prayer, discipline.

Ms. Julie and her helpers made potato pancakes for lunch.  It brought about this priceless comment.    “First you tapped the egg ever so gently, then you squeezed the egg and jammed your fingers until it exploded in your hand. We need to make sure we clean up really well.”

Projects are on the rise.  AR has completed her  four birds and wanted to bind the pages into a book.  We made a cover (a totally beautiful tree with the title as leaves on the tree and nests and birds) then bound the book using sewing thread.  AR finds sewing excellent work and enjoys the finished feel of the books.

AR sewing her geometry book.

AR and BW have  been working in the morning with Geometry lessons.  Their first book was on the topic of 0, 1, 2, and 3 dimensions.  The classical Montessori lesson discusses the cube in relationship to a square (plane) in relationship to a line (no that line is too thick, let me sharpen my pencil even more since a line has no width) in relationship to a point which is soooo tiny that we can’t measure it.

Their second lesson was on straight and curvy lines.  They made a book with the definitions of the lines and then found and wrote six of each curvy and straight lined objects found within the classroom.

AR sewed hers again. BW just wants to finish and move to something different.

BR and JV working hard

BR and JV are waaaaaayyyy about gemstones.  They have been holed up in the back room working a way.

JV has been downloading and printing the chemical patterns that create the crystals.  He is building the crystal of zircon.

BR has completed his research on sapphires and rubies.

They have set Friday as the day to complete their rough draft of their presentation and Monday to complete the work.

AV is working on a study of the Levant civilization.  He, being the research king, is reading web pages and watching videos.  It will be interesting to see what comes out of this study.

Of course eating is important.  Feeding ten people is quite a bit of people to feed and clean up after.  Of course everyone wants to cook, too. BR and LR worked together yesterday to create tacos.


LR has been working on his own project.  He is researching Polynesian map making and has made his own twine from raw hemp.  He loves it.  Making twine is a small bit addicting. He split dried bamboo and made half-inch wide strips to be the lines on his map.  Today he began attaching the bamboo together with his twine. I’m sure his written paper will be following tomorrow.


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One response to “Projects are rising to the top

  1. Leah

    Catching up on my favorite blog lady! Question: maybe I missed the entry, but how is YOUR project with your Grandma’s chair? As routines are being established and environments adjusted to, I hope there is space/time for EV, that special child of God! 🙂

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