The Sun – DW

The Sun is the center of our solar system, It is also our source of light. The Sun is a star of plasma. The Sun is star that we call a yellow dwarf. Have you ever wondered how the Sun gets its fuel? Here is the answer: H atoms in the sun’s core bash together with such speed it fuses together this makes HE and releases photons. Once a photon reaches the surface of the sun it takes three minutes to reach the Earth to give us sunlight, the Sun also gives off gasses that are equivalent to the mass of Mt Everest.There are even sunquakes and tsunamis.The Sun’s blasts travel at 800 to 900 miles/second, when they hit Earth, it is called a solar storm. One happened in 1859. Auras were visible in cities as far as Rome. People called it a perfect solar storm. The 1859 was three times worse than the 1989 one that cut of the entire Canadian provence. It is the largest ever on record. But our powerful star will not live forever; it will die out in five billion years. It will grow so hot it will burn HE. Then it will grow so large that it will suck in Mercery and Venus. The Earth will change its rotation to avoid being sucked in and the sun will  explode and the core will only be left. The core is about the size of the Earth this will happen in five billion years.


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