What are we doing this year?

Last year we spent time with LaPaz Learning studying the world’s oceans and all that lives within it.  This year the boys wanted to continue studying their primitive skills, so we’ve decided to look at the development of language, the fundamental needs of man, the rise and fall of civilizations until the end of the Middle Ages, and maps of the world to enhance our understanding of geography.  Of course we will continue our studies in mathematics, grammar, practical life, geometry, and catechesis, geography, and sciences.

We’ve begun with Excavating English and Mapping the World Through Art. Being us we’ve gutted, reworked, and created a series of lessons based off of a historical timeline. We are beginning with Paleolithic Man and moving forward adding language studies and maps as the timeline progresses.

AV and LR have begun following the reading list over at LaPaz.  AV has begun reading Deadly Plants – The Weed That Killed Lincoln’s Mother and Other Deadly Plants.

Because most of the children are in upper elementary and are typing their projects, I’ve created a blog to discuss the topics and for the children to record their thoughts.


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