Firefly has fireflies

We’ve been trekking back down the mountain every day so we had no ideas whether the camp our event is housed in actually has fireflies.

It does.

I know this because JV wanted to stay for trade blanket last night.  JV brought some glass – a very mobile, traveling group of folk don’t have a high use for glass.  Oh well.  We also were able to listen to Doug Elliot’s stories.  He is in a class by himself when it comes to story telling.

JV discussing his wares with a mom and child.

The view from main camp.

JV found a gourd on which a man has put all the months of the year. He is going to etch all the plantings which need to be done in the months.

Our friend Jimmy brought hides to trade. He tanned them in Live Oak and Sumac.

Slings for trade, barter, or sale.

One participant and her gourd. She was very proud of her acquisition.


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