New life to the deer hide

Today the transformation began to become real.  Our horrid little hide that looked like an large rawhide chew toy that has been slobbered over far too long for its own good is now soft and smooth.

JV holding up his open hide. It sat all night in a plastic wrapper to distribute any remaining liquid evenly over its surface.

AV began to stretching his over a bar by putting ALL his weight on the pulling of the hide to soften it as it began to dry.

Any way you can stretch it is game - your knees, the post, multiple people playing tug of war, you name it.

AV pulling on his as he watched the instructor teaching how to tug it with another person.

After HOURS of work, JV's hide is nearly ready.

Taking it to the beam to stretch out the margins radially.

Working the margins vertically and horizontally on the rope.

JV's and AV's final hides. You can see how much smaller (and way softer) JV's is than AV's hide. They are so beautiful. There is one more step. More tomorrow.


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