Midtown Charleston through JV’s lens

I’m consulting with the Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul in the Midtown of Charleston.  By “I’m” what I really mean is the boys and I and Daniel too are wrapped up in the possibilities.  We are possibility figuring for a Walk About event coming up in August – the week of August 8th.  The component I’ve been working on is an “orienteering” component to get groups out into the neighborhood with cameras on a photiferous scavenger hunt/problem solving/learning experiment.

JV went with me to walk the neighborhood.  We walked about 1/3rd of it over the course of an hour and a half. JV and I wandered down alleys, looked in drain grates, and peered at windows (and found a chair for our dining room).  He took some wonderful photos of our morning.

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One response to “Midtown Charleston through JV’s lens

  1. Savannah has a girl scout badge that my kids did – it was following through the city for animal oriented objects – like fish downspouts, dog statues, horse hitching posts, etc. This is a cool idea for the city…. I’ll have to think about one for Columbia. hmmmmmmmm……

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