Six Time Zones

I’ve wondered how the way we view our futures affects how we strive to achieve in the present.  However, I’ve not considered the complexity of our views of time.  Professor Philip Zimbardo does.  And he has great graphics to help us stay on track with him.

As I’m slogging my way through preparing next years scope and sequence, I’ve recently been wondering how to express the psychological effect that the darkness that covers England for so much of the year has on its inhabitants.  How to express to children who live in a Daylight Savings Time/middle longitude region what it is like to wait for the days to lengthen again? Even though I’ve been pondering and pondering, I’d not connected how our view of time and our location on the globe might be connected and how it all ties into education.  Who Knew.


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  1. Great vid, thanks for posting it! That’s why I argue the importance of traveling with children. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on tutoring, learning aids, extra-curricular activities, SUV’s, McMansions, designer clothes, etc. parents should take their kids on trips around the world. What better way to gain a broader perspective of how other cultures behave?

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