Reminiscing the Year

It is our last week of official school and the boys are going through their folders.  Montessori classes often send no work home until the end of the school year.  I sent work home at Christmas break and the end of the school year break.  I’ve continued this now.  I’ve noticed they spend time reminiscing their way through the semester.  BR is also deciding to redo some of the parts of projects he rushed through.

The general pride at the accomplishments in what the boys have done is powerful. It is not what they have done.  It is the statements like: “Ohhh that was so hard.  I worked so hard to get the paragraph to sound right.” or “I had to cut that paper 5 times to get it straight.” or “I loved studying the Cannon Ball Jellyfish. Remember finding one on the beach the other day? I was the one who knew what it was.”

I’m glad I don’t cry easily.  I’d be bawling by now.  As it stands, I’m trying hard to be a fly on the wall observing.


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