Yes, It is Fire. Yes, They are Boys.

JV and his trusty side-kick RL spent about a half-hour creating, refining, and shooting off match rockets.

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4 responses to “Yes, It is Fire. Yes, They are Boys.

  1. Ah, yes…fire and boys. It’s like moths to a light. We have that book and haven’t made anything yet. The match rockets sure look like fun!

  2. Tomorrow I’m presenting lighting a match to my only male kindergartner. He has been begging for this presentation since before Christmas… What is it about boys and fire? 😉

  3. EV


    We bought the boys a book when AV was 8 or 9 – after we built a trebuchet for a physics project . They became really excited about it but never did anything with it. They wanted us to do stuff with it. Sigh. JV picked it up again about a week or two ago. So you may have another year or so of non-flaming things being shot about in your yard.


  4. EV


    I always wanted to give that lesson in Casa. I am jealous. I never worked for a school that would allow fire to not be controlled by a teacher.


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