3 Frustrated Boys and a few positive notes.

We’ve been reviewing fractions.  The boys have an actual understanding of why you cross multiply (or make a reciprocal of the second fraction) in division problems. Go Montessori math.  I’m hating the work sheet site I found to provide them problems.  It seems that they like large multiplication problems – there is not elegance of reduction before or after. That is what I get for not working the sheet out ahead of time. I won’t make that mistake again. They are tired mentally.  But it is stretching them.  I think part of the frustration is that they are really looking for ways to simplify the math and aren’t finding any.

JV snapped at me when I went to take his shot.  Yes.  Very frustrated children.  Their brains are working hard.

Earlier in the day, however, the world was not so bleak.

JV created some shells (well not really created – he’s not God), cards, and names to be used in a blindfolded bag work.  He even sewed a sea themed bag for the work. This morning I made a blindfold from the left over materials.

RL has not been affected by the frustration.  He keeps plugging along on his various works.  He bound his work on reptiles. Then he added  a page to this project of creatures of life.

He is now researching sharks for his new project on Fish.


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