Disruption of the Silent Reading

About half way through silent reading, JV came thudding downstairs.

“You’ve got to see this.  (Pant)  I’ve never seen anything like this. Come with me.”  Everyone dropped what they were doing and thudded upstairs.

Here is what they were fascinated by:

The heat from the neighbor’s roof was evaporating off in waves of steam.

“I bet the other neighbor’s roof is steaming too!”

More thudding across to AV’s room to look out his window.

“I bet our roof is doing it, too.  Grab the camera.”

Thud. Thud. Slam.

“It is happening on our roof, too!”

“I can’t get a good photo because of the sky.”

“Let’s go upstairs again and get more photos.”

Slam.  Thud.  Thud. Click.


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Filed under AV, BR, JV, Physics, Science

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