Third plane in Montessori development – art.

The importance that AV has been attaching to the art show is rather remarkable.  He has done more art this year than in years past. Moving from water colors, colored pencils, to Sculpy, metal, quilting, wood cut, pop-up pages, torn paper, cut miniatures, wire bending, as well as his glass work.  I’ve been mulling this off and on through out the year.

In prep for the summer, I’ve been rereading From Childhood to Adolescence and To Educate the Human Potential. This is a summary from the first book:

According to Dr. Montessori the child in the third plane of development (12 to 15 years of age) is in need of a special plan of education.  All that is studied must have its scope expanded to cover the three developing aspects of the adolescent. The first is finding ways of expression so that the adolescent may explore and enhance his true personality (this covers art, music, and expressive language).  The second covers moral character and decision making (focusing on spiritual equilibrium, mathematical logic, and communicative language).  The third covers theoretical knowledge carried into practical experience to aid the child in understanding sciences, civilizations, and the political ramifications of culture overlap.  This includes understanding cultural literary memes.

Unwittingly Andrew has stumbled into self expression through art.


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