We’ve been a little busy.

Thursday we spent the afternoon on Isle of Palms at the beach.  It was a really wonderful Montessori moment.  They hit the waves with their boogie boards for a while and then with just their bodies and then looked around for the casting nets.  Having exhausted all their play equipment the discovered the shells.  I have never seen the kids so engrossed in something.  BR and RL are still developmentally in the early stages of the second plane and built a pool in which to collect all the mussels they could find – thousands I’m telling you – Thousands.

JV went for close up observation – he was particularly excited about the siphons.  AV was interested for like 5 minutes and then wandered off – he is so out of the cosmic sorting game period of life.

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We’ve been offered a space at Sesame Burger – our local amazing restaurant – to display our glass art.  Saturday morning was the zero hour, and we arrived with so much stuff and so little knowledge of what to expect. Our entire week was crazy.  It was worse than a project week.  An artist friend curated the show and came by to pick and choose what should be shown and what shouldn’t.

We are ever so grateful for the opportunity to showcase our work.  Tuesday afternoon from 4 to 6 is our reception.

Saturday afternoon was my 40th birthday party.  The boy’s god-mother’s mother – the boys refer to her as their god-grandmother – lives on the Edisto River on Wadmalaw Island.  My husband planned the best day possible.  I spent the afternoon surrounded by family, friends, and their children.  We fished, crabbed, boated, grilled, threw the casting net and found tunicates with which to squirt each other. BLAST!  BR caught a squid which nipped his finger with his beak.  When tossed back in the river, he squirted ink and porpoised across the top of the water until about 10 fee away. BR’s little sister learned how to cast the 3 foot casting net. Crabs and flounders and shrimp and ugly toad fish all came up from the depths and into our 5 gallon bucket to wonder over. Awesome!


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One response to “We’ve been a little busy.

  1. Hey, Happy Birthday!

    How exciting to be able to display your glass work publicly! I wish I could come see it in person. Also wouldn’t mind casting a net to find squid and tunicates. Sounds like a dream day to me.

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